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Half of All Cyber Attacks are Targeted at Small Businesses

Protecting your company’s employees and assets are crucial to your business success. There are many solutions available in the market today and navigating the options can be a daunting task. It can seem too complicated or too expensive; but don’t worry. Valet Technologies team and partners can help you find or design the system you need.

(From CPO Magazine June 25, 2019)

Small business owners often do not pay attention to cyber security, thinking they’re not even worth being attacked, and this is what makes them the perfect target.

As per Cybint, almost 60% of companies have experienced cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks, phishing, and social engineering attacks. According to Juniper research, small businesses make up to 13% of the entire cybercrime market, yet surprisingly small businesses invest less than $500 in cyber security.

Valet Technologies can assess your risk and offer security options.




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Serving you. Taking care of your communication and technology needs.  We have decades of experience in these areas and we understand the need for getting the most out of your budget. We also provide online training and security checks  What is Phishing Awareness Training - 40 seconds.


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We provide from  a little(like a single desk phone)  to full turnkey global phone systems to meet your needs. Taking care of your voice lines (analog, digital, and SIP) and internet connectivity so that you are getting the best price/performance for the money.  

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We handle all of your technology support needs. Taking care of your desktop, printer, server, network, and wireless support.  This includes anti-virus, malware, phishing, web monitoring and much more.  Taking care of technology so you can do what your are in business to do. 

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